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The Ikea showdown…Them vs. the Budget. May 24, 2009

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I know it’s hard to stay on budget, especially in the summer. There is so much to do…and places to go…and things to buy. Last weekend it was a trip to Ikea… now it could have been a disaster…had we not had a plan. My wife worked it out and planned so that she knew how much she was planning to spend and then put a little extra in for those impulse buys. I on the other hand had no plans. I’m a free spirit when it comes to spending and that can be bad. I go to the store for a few things and come back an hour later with a $100 bucks worth of stuff. That does not help with getting out of debt. I have to thank my wife, she’s just wonderful, for all she has to put up with while we get out of debt.

Plan budget for any majorĀ  trips so that you know what it’s going to cost and how much you need to save. We got some great deals and stayed within our budget. If you ever go to Ikea check out their “as is section” before you leave. We got a TV stand already together for half the price. Wow, what a deal!

Baby Bill Blues…Don’t Cry for Us. April 4, 2009

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In 2008, my wife and I decided that we needed to get on a budget. It wasn’t easy and we worked on it, month after month. At the beginning of the year, I took a second job and worked from home for 6 months to make some extra cash to pay for the baby delivery. We started to make progress in January, but in February everything was put on hold because I fell and broke my hand on some ice. This set us back around $2,500 and we then owed even more than what we did at the beginning of the year. But we worked hard, and paid our debts down and paid $11,700 in really 10 months. Did I forget to mention that we also had a baby in June! By the time the baby came we had already paid down our debt that we didn’t even include our debt from the baby delivery. We had all of our Baby Bills paid within 2 months because we had saved and planned for him to come.

Don’t Fall Victim to the Debt Society. March 4, 2009

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debt_society_zombieIt is never too late to start working on becoming debt free. Here at the debt freedom class we want to help everyone that has fallen into the Debt Society. We feel that we need to keep up with the Jones’ new this or that. But what we don’t know is that the Jones probably bought that new whatever on credit. Which means? They don’t really own it yet. They have it and they can play with it, but they will also be paying for it for in the long run. I mean in the looooong run. If the Jones’ bought new fancy living room furniture for 0% down and no payments for 2 years. The original cost was $3,000. If they made payments for those 2 years it would only be $125/mo. That sound cheap. Here’s the problem with that , lets say Mr. Jones lost his job. He has no emergency fund and can’t pay for the furniture for the next 2 years because he ran up his credit cards while looking for a new job. So after those first 2 years are up the interest was 29% on his furniture. He now owes $4,740 and the interest keeps piling on…. The Debt Society wants you to believe that low payments are the way to go. Truth is this, it just adds risk to your financial future.

By the way, that furniture the Jones’ own is now 2 years old, starting to look a little ragged, and has some stains. Does anybody really want to pay $4,740 for stained and ragged furniture? …I didn’t think so….