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Make Your Debt Goals Known May 26, 2009

Posted by 2bdebtfree in Financial Debt Budget.
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Our goal is to owe on nothing but our house in 2 years. My wife and I have talked about this and by us talking we both are working toward the same thing. Once we owe on only our house we will feel so much more secure about our future. Even now, just knowing that we have paid off several debts last year and we are working on paying off our car loan this year, make us feel better in uncertain economic times. Our goal is to pay off our car by the end of this year. Now that means we need to make big payments for the next 7 months, but if we will have paid off our car loan almost 2 years early. That also means we will have saved over $1,000 in interest. Talk about your goals…accountability…sometimes comes from knowing that you have doubters and that you want to prove to them, but also yourself that you can do it. Now get out their and get rid of your debt.