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PAID OFF OVER $11,700 of DEBT: Extra Money was the key! March 12, 2009

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The Key To Success!

The Key To Success!

Last year when everyone started to worry about the economy, my wife and I were highly focused on our budget and paying off debt. We did NOT to do a consolidation loan because it hurts your ability to see how bad your debt really is. It does not truely provide any debt relief. Last year we paid off over $11,700 of debt. That is almost $1,000/mo. of debt paid off. Now just so you know, we don’t make that much over what our bills cost. So how did we pay that much on debt… It was not just one or two things, but several things combined that made it possible.

We started making some extra money with several strategies. First, we picked through our house and found many, many things that we did use. We put those things in a couple of garage sales over the year. That made a little extra money. We also took some of those items and put them on http://www.Ebay.com. Old dolls, old video games, movies, toys, etc… I also, took a part-time job for six months. That extra money adds up.

It was very difficult, the first few months because it’s slow going paying off debt. Don’t be discuraged! The speed of paying off bills increases as you make more and more changes. The best change you can make and make right now is to stop spending. This is not what the government wants to hear or any of our business that we shop at but the only way you can get out off debt is to live on less than you make.

Start with your monthly bills…What bills are for items that you don’t need? It’s not that you don’t want this or that, but what items can you save some money on.