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Don’t Waste your Money! June 16, 2009

Posted by 2bdebtfree in Financial Debt Budget.
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Here are 6 ways to prevent yourself from wasting money!

#1 Transfer credit card balances.

If you can, transfer to a 0% interest card.

#2 Pay on time!

Late fees are just wasted money.

#3 Pay your bills online.

Save on stampsĀ  and you get to keep your money longer in your bank account.

#4 Prioritize your bills.

Make sure you pay the bills so that keep your house and car.

#5 Ask your lender for lower interest rates.

If you can’t transfer, ask forĀ  a lower rate. Ask nice and if you pay your bills on time they may just lower your rate.

#6 Pay your smallest bills first strategy.

Get rid of as many bills as you can as fast as you can.This is called the snowball effect. Once you have cleared out all of the little bills you will feel some relief and you will be more confident about tackling the bigger bills.