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Brown Bag It: This Summer for Lunch. June 24, 2009

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You can sometimes find Banquet meals for less than $1.

You can sometimes find Banquet meals for less than $1.

A quick tip to save money is to not go out for lunch. Many execs and middle managers get comfortable going out with clients for lunch because they don’t have to pick up the check, but this can become a bad habit and even when they don’t have meetings they will still go out. It’s not that you have to bring your lunch all the time to work but it will save you money. Get organized and you can buy a frozen dinner for $1 – $3.50 or even bring leftovers for next to nothing. Most of the time you will spend anywhere from $5 – $12 for lunch. That’s 3 times as much! If you bring your lunch and just save that $4 each day, you will save an extra $1,000 each year for your budget. Just imagine, if you were someone that spends $12 on lunch every day, you could save up to $2,750 each year. You could use that money to pay down debt, use it for your next goal or spend that money on an all-inclusive vacation. This is a great way to save money and get out of debt. Watch the newspaper grocery ads for hot buys on frozen meals. Especially, at the first of the year, you can get some really great deals on healthy meals.

Getting the New iPhone 3Gs vs. Getting Out of Debt June 12, 2009

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Sometimes we have to make hard choices when trying to get out of debt. I don’t just want an iPhone. I really, really want it. Unfortunately, it costs an extra $30 bucks a month for 2 years. Now, they have lowered the price of the old 3G iPhone to just $99, but when you add on the data plan that iphone now costs $819 over 2 years plus your regular cell plan. Which means it will run us $3,460 for us to have a cell phone plan for 2 years. versus $2,640 without the iPhone. Look for ways to substitute down. They now have tons of touchscreen and smartphones that don’t require a data plan. If you work on a computer at the office and have a computer at home, do you really need another way to connect to the internet?

If you really have to have the iPhone make sure to add the data charge to your budget. If possible, take a couple of months and save up for the phone so that you don’t go over your budget for the month.

Good Luck and Get Out of Debt.

Ten Tips for a Great Garage Sale May 13, 2009

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Now is the perfect time to start thinking of having a Garage Sale. Going through your stuff and selling everything that you don’t need or use is a great way to get started and make some extra money for you debt reduction plan. A Garage Sale will be like getting a just start in a race.I ‘ve 3 great reasons to have a garage sale.

1. It cleans out your drawers and closets.

2. It costs very little to have a garage sale.

3. You could make a extra $300 – $500 easily to pay down a chunk of debt.

Now is the time with the nice weather to take a weekend and get it done. It helps to get more than one family together and have more stuff for people to stop and look at. If you have very little stuff you won’t have as many visitors. Here are some nice tips to make your garage sale a success .

Top Ten Tips for having a Garage Sale

1. Pick a date. Not a holiday weekend unless your whole town has one on that weekend.

2. Ask others if they want to be in your garage sale with you. The More the merrier.

3. Go through every room including the basement and attic to find everything you are not using and can sell.

4. Organize your stuff according to cattagories. Don’t just put the stuffed bear next to the meat grinder. That just looks bad.

5. Clean it. Yes it’s work, but if you really want to sell it, it will sell faster if you have all the dust off of it. Think about it. Would you buy a dirty George Forman Grill?

6. Price It. If you mark, buyers will feel more comfortable about buying something. Some people wont ask what you would sell an item for and they will just leave. Put Your initials on your stickers if you have a multi-family garage sale. Save all of the stickers off the sold goods. That way you can add up what everyone gets in the end.

7. Advertise. In your local paper, at your church, laundrymat and  with signs from all major roads to your house. If they don’t know your having a sale, they won’t come. Tell everyone.

8. Make sure you have plenty of news paper to wrap glass with, bags to put stuff in for the customer to take and lots of change, $1’s, $5’s and $10’s.

9. If you are selling anything that has a plug in make sure to have an extension cord to show that the stuff works.

10. Have fun selling!