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New Year, Old Debt January 20, 2010

Posted by 2bdebtfree in Financial Debt Budget.
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Okay, so it’s been awhile… I fell off the wagon blogging and getting out of debt. We made some choices that were not the best for the holidays. But just like with everything, when you fall off you have to get back up and keep going.

To get a better start this year with lower our debt, I added a 2nd class that I teach at a community college. My goal is to take all of that money and put it towards paying off our SUV. Here’s to a new year and getting rid of old debt. We have over $19,500 more to go and hope to have it paid off in 2 more years, but since their are many things that come up unexpected… Who knows? If you are still following me, I encourage you to write a comment and let everyone know what your goals are this year.

Goal #1: Pay off Credit Card….stupid thing I have cut it up. Just so you know…Debt is dumb!!!!

Goal #2: Pay off SUV That should be done around June

Goal #3: Pay off an old medical bill by the end of the year.

Let’s see if over the year that I can pay off all of this old debt. It adds up to around $6, 250. I should be able to pay this off this year.