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Getting the New iPhone 3Gs vs. Getting Out of Debt June 12, 2009

Posted by 2bdebtfree in Financial Debt Budget.
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Sometimes we have to make hard choices when trying to get out of debt. I don’t just want an iPhone. I really, really want it. Unfortunately, it costs an extra $30 bucks a month for 2 years. Now, they have lowered the price of the old 3G iPhone to just $99, but when you add on the data plan that iphone now costs $819 over 2 years plus your regular cell plan. Which means it will run us $3,460 for us to have a cell phone plan for 2 years. versus $2,640 without the iPhone. Look for ways to substitute down. They now have tons of touchscreen and smartphones that don’t require a data plan. If you work on a computer at the office and have a computer at home, do you really need another way to connect to the internet?

If you really have to have the iPhone make sure to add the data charge to your budget. If possible, take a couple of months and save up for the phone so that you don’t go over your budget for the month.

Good Luck and Get Out of Debt.



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